Company Pledge

I, Melissa Crabtree, and by extension my company, An Actor Plans, believe in the following:

  • That the Arts are a powerful way to create shared experiences and create connection.
  • That we must all work to create and hold accountable other artists in building an equitable theatre industry from small community theatres to the largest of Broadway stages. 
  • That Black Lives Matter.
  • That the LGTBQ+ Community should be valued, treasured, and loved. 
  • That I have benefited from my white privilege and my being a cis-gender heterosexual female, in ways that I had never comprehended. 

I am pledging to be: 

- a Champion for the Arts

  • Creating products that inspire, create joy and bring awareness to the theatre community by a member of the professional community. 
  • Lending my influence to promoting stories and productions through my creation of fan art. 
  • I will be publicly accountable in doing my part to make Broadway and the larger theatrical industry an anti-racist, equitable community.
  • Using my voice to keep Broadway and the larger theatrical industry accountable to their pledge of becoming an anti-racist, equitable community. 

- Actively Anti-Racist 

  • Committing to the long term work; to identifying and addressing racism, making necessary policy changes, building equitable and inclusive workplaces both online and in-person, onstage and off, and remaining accountable. 
  • Spending our business dollars only with companies who stand behind the BLM movement.
  • Ending any partnerships with companies that don’t acknowledge and support the BLM movement. 
  • Using our influence and platform to celebrate Black and POC creators. 
  • Continuing to create products that only shine focus on productions and companies that are creating stories without problematic themes or tropes. 
  • Committing to spending 30% of our business dollars in the Black community: whether in hiring, content creating, suppliers, or advertising.
  • Creating a monthly sticker collection solely to raise money for various organizations that tie into our business - with monthly donation check ins. 
    • Currently supporting, Broadway Advocacy Collision, The Actors Fund, and The Trevor Project. 
  • When assembling a PR team, actively seeking out members of the Black & POC planner community to apply, with the goal of creating an equitable team of brand ambassadors. 

- Eco-Friendly 

  • Compostable and Recyclable packaging 
  • When plastic is the only option, being 100% reused plastic. 
  • Reduce waste in making products. 
  • Continually looking to reduce our carbon footprint across all parts of production.