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About Us

Melissa Crabtree - Owner, Self-Taught Artist

Melissa has been a lover of stationery and stickers ever since she was a little kid. After writing the word "Rehearsal" in her planner too many times, she started to hunt for theatre stickers. Finding none on the market, she bought a silhouette cutter and made one herself! And so, An Actor Plans was born! 

Melissa has been described as a renaissance woman who has worn many hats on and off the stage; besides her years of performing across Chicagoland, Melissa’s skills range from directing children, youth, and professionals, to designing sets, lights, and costumes. If there’s a theatrical crisis, you’ll probably find Melissa stepping in and saving the day.



Mabel - Lover of Chin Scritches

Mabel is a particularly photogenic cat, who loves cuddles, her rainbow string toy, and falling asleep on sheets of paper. The shop character came about when for Mabel's first Halloween Melissa tried to get her into a costume. Mabel refused, and so drawing a costume on seemed to be the next logical choice. Mabel is a firm believer in dry food, aloe plants are for scratching one's face, and being the "Batman" of the condo building, always peering out of high windows at cars that get too close.